A businessman, Napoleon Dzombe says selfishness and lack of unity among Malawians have contributed to rising levels of poverty in the country.

Dr. Napoleon Dzombe is also a founder of school of Agriculture  for Family Independence( SAFI).

 Yesterday, Dzombe  said that he has brought development projects to rural communities particularly in his home Village , Chizolowondo in T/A Chakhuza Dowa.
These projects include; SAFI, a magnificent Hotel, Banana plantation, stadium and produce factory at santhe  in Kasungu.
He said he did this to ensure that people find employment and sell their produce at a reasonable price.
Dr. Dzombe said he started the School of Agriculture in 2001 following a severe famine that hit Malawi to ensure that farmers from the school are economically empowered.
 He further added that Over 80 smallholder farmers have today graduated from the school after completing a 2 year course in agriculture.
Director of Animal Health and Livestock Development in the ministry of Agriculture Dr. Patrick Chikungwa has hailed Dr. Dzombe for the initiative saying this will add agricultural extension workers in the country.
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