A man from Zimbabwe died after he was stabbed to death for recklessly telling a newlywed husband, that he was the one who had impregnated his wife.

22-year-old Justice Chidhakwa seems to have been harbouring feelings for his former lover, despite the fact that she had recently married Joseph Muzenda.

Over the weekend Chidhakwa approached Muzenda and rashly told him that he had married a woman who was pregnant with another man’s baby. He claimed that he was actually the one who was responsible for Muzenda’s newly married wife’s pregnancy.

It is not yet clear what Chidhakwa hoped to achieve through this reckless course of action. Muzenda, on the other hand, did not take the news well and plotted with his friends to attack his love rival.

Muzenda is alleged to have teamed up with Simbarashe Zikoke and Wellington Zharare to ambush Chidhakwa. During the attack, the alleged father was stabbed twice and died on the spot.

The incident was confirmed by Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko. Inspector Mahoko told the state-owned daily The Herald,

“The suspects waylaid Chidhakwa along a footpath near Manoti Business Centre in Gokwe North on Sunday at around 7pm before confronting him for claiming that their friend, Joseph Muzenda, had married his pregnant girlfriend.”

“Simbarashe Zikoke then grabbed Chidhakwa from the back, while Zharare stabbed him once on the left side of the chest and once on the leg with a knife. He died on the spot.”

The police did not release more details on the status of the investigation into the killing.

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