After being quite for close to two years due to covid-19 Kwathu Drama group has now come on stage with a play titled Ana Akumpanda.

Charles Mphoka Group Member is the one who wrote  the play.

The group is expected to perform at Mulanje District Assembly Hall this coming Sunday before dating Blantyre Culture Centre on Independence Day.

‘’It has been hard for the creative sector as regards holding shows. We would have premiered Ana Akumpanda long time ago but Covid Failed us,’’ Mphoka Said.

Mphoka further said that this is not a political play but rather the piece looks at the life that people lead more especially those coming from high-class families.

Mphoka added that the play has all the renowned Kwathu players in te cast including the group’s spokesperson Bon Kalindo well known as Winiko,Linda Chatha, Enifa Chiwaya, Emma Chikwembeya and Eric Mabedi also well known as Jakobo.

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