Most societies, especially Africa, encourages men that they should not be seen crying no matter intense the situation they are in.

The truth of the matter is men are human beings too, they have feelings and they get emotional, besides, crying does not make one less of a man.

In a viral video, unidentified young man is seen crying like a toddler after the girl he was dating broke up with him.

However, Faceofmalawi cannot tell what exactly happened for the two to call it the end.

Clearly from the man’s reaction to the heartbreaking news, he really loved the girl and letting her go was not ideal.

Instead of moving on like a gentleman, he started crying like a toddler while begging his girlfriend for another chance.

He couldn’t imagine that the lady he had treasured and invested his time and emotions on was leaving.

Despite desperately begging for another chance, his girlfriend maintained that it’s over, forcing him to walk away while shedding tears.

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