The Magistrate’s Court sitting in Blantyre has adjourned to September 10th, plea taking for Mapeto David White Head and Sons (MDWS) senior officials, in their tax evasion case.

The company’s senior officials were initially set to enter a plea today, but their legal counsel has asked the court that the process be done after disclosures.

Members of the fabric manufacturer’s senior management, are accused of evading tax amounting to K32 billion.

They were earlier accused of defrauding the government K10.8 billion through tax evasion, however, it has been adjusted to K32 billion due to penalties and interests.

Mapeto executives are charged with fifteen counts, among them, declaring finished materials as raw materials.

According to MRA, Head of Corporate Affairs, Steven Kapoloma, the company was under-declaring sales and income tax, under-declaring Pay as You Earn tax on its expatriate workers, and declaring finished fabrics as raw materials, and under-declaring some raw materials.

Among the accused include Faisal Latif Gaffar Director, Mohammed Gaffar Managing Director, Abdul Rashid Gaffar Financial Controller.

After the plea taking on the 10th, the hearing will run from the 20-24 of September.

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