A girl in Kenyan village of Michai is, together with her mother and her siblings spending nights out of their homestead after her father Charles Mbuto chased them from home after demolishing their house.

The entire family was kicked out by the man after her daughter put on his trousers to conceal her periods due to lack of sanitary pads.

According to Jemimah Kwamboka, Mbuto’s wife, trouble started when her husband Charles Mbuto arrived home from his daily hustle and found their daughter in a pair of trousers, something that had always displeased him.

“My daughter asked me to buy her sanitary pads but since I had no money, she suggested putting on a pair of trousers to conceal the flow, an idea that I agreed to,” Kwamboka told K24 Digital.

Mother and daughter then proceeded to their farm for some work only to be joined by Charles who begun beating up his daughter after seeing her in trousers.

According to the family, this is not the first time their father beat up one of his children and sent the whole family out of the house.

Kwamboka revealed that she has made numerous reports to authorities without any follow up from police officers.

“One time he came home injured and we took care of him until his wounds healed. After healing he attacked us and demolished our house claiming our son was not respecting him,” Kwamboka said.

A neighbour who spoke to K24 Digital revealed that the man was a thorn in the flesh prompting villagers to request local authorities to send him and his family away from the village.

“He has been constantly harassing the family by beating them up especially after he regained his health. That even prompted us to call on the local administration for help in sending them away from this village so we can have some peace,” the neighbour said.

Confirming the incident, Margret Opelle the area Nyumba Kumi official said no action has been taken by local authorities even after she received reports over the issue.

“We have tried to intercede in the matter but all is in vain since the husband is said to be colluding with local police. That is why we decided to demonstrate and call the media to highlight this issue for a permanent solution,” the Nyumba Kumi official said.

Kwamboka and her five children had been forced to relocate to the neighbouring shopping centre after her husband threatened to kill them if they talk about the issue.

By the time of going to press, they were still not allowed to live in their homestead, k24Digital reports.

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