Zimbabwe A Mberengwa illegal gold miner reportedly committed suicide by drinking cyanide after his wife refused him s3x.

Edson Shumba Magwenzi who runs a shop but is also a gold panner demanded sex from his wife when he arrived home in the morning.

It is alleged his wife refused in order to punish Magwenzi for alleged infidelity and sleeping out.

Magwenzi who appeared to have been high went and complained to a relative Tamary Bvudzi and she advised him to be patient with his wife because she was angry with his adulterous affairs.

He left and went to a neighbor and threatened to commit suicide unless his wife agreed to sex.

Some sources allege that the wife complained that her husband was not only sleeping out but was sleeping with girls hired to work in their shop.

The matter came to light three days before the tragedy when a number of relatives were roped in to mediate but the wife wouldn’t budge on sex.

Sources said the deceased told his wife that she will not see him again if she refused to have sex with him Masvingo Mirror reports.


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