AFTER losing her underwear from the house on two occasions, a woman has decided to divorce her husband whom she suspected might have taken the pants somewhere.

But her husband, Leonard Simumba, 49, denied the allegations blaming the disappearance of the pants on rats.

Elizabeth Kolala, 40, told the Matero Local Court that she suspected Simumba used her underwear for something evil.

Kolala, of Chawama Township, said she had reported the matter to family members but that she did not have her underwear back.

Kolala and Simumba got married in 1995 and have two children.

“I have never enjoyed my marriage from the time we got married. Our child was at one time sick but my husband never stepped his foot in hospital until she died.

After two years of our marriage, I lost my pant and when I asked him about it he expressed ignorance,” she said.

Kolala told the court that on another occasion she found that her other pant was missing after she returned from Mkushi where she had gone to buy charcoal.

“When I came back I found my other pant missing and when I asked my husband, he said I should ask my children.

I did not stay long. I left because I suspected he was using my pants for ill intentions,” Kolala said.

She said before she came back from her business trip in Mkushi, Simumba had called to tell her that she should not go back to the matrimonial home.

She told the court that she had lost interest in her marriage because Simumba was also allegedly not supportive to the family.

She said when their son was detained for days in police custody, Simumba refused to release money to bail him out.

She said she was then forced to venture into her charcoal selling business to bail him out.

In his testimony, Simumba told the court that he still loved his wife and that divorce was not a solution.

He said Kolala left the matrimonial home and told him she would only return if her underwear were found.

“I have no idea who might have taken her pants.

Moreover, we have been living in rented houses and there is a possibility that rats might have taken them (pants).

“Problems in our marriage started when my wife got involved in the charcoal business.

There has been no peace in my house. She goes and comes back after two months,” Simumba said.

He said at one time she came back and told him that she had found peace and it was upto him to get married.

Simumba said he had tried to plead with his wife for the two to reconcile but she refused.

In passing judgment, Magistrate Harriet Mulenga granted the couple divorce, saying their marriage had broken down irretrievably.

Simumba was ordered to compensate Kolala with K15,000 to be paid in monthly instalment

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