14-year-old Algerian girl died while reciting verses from the Holy Quran to her teacher at Al Noor Mosque in Algiers, local media reported.

The teenage girl Anfal Dassi was reciting verses from Noah Surat to her teacher at the mosque in the presence of her mother. She fell suddenly while reciting the verse “Indeed, the time set by Allay, when it comes, will not be delayed, if you only knew.”

Her teacher said: “Anfal first came in Ramadan when she participated in a Quran memorisation competition. She was very happy and excited to memorise the Holy Quran.”

“Despite suffering from a rare neurological disease that affected her eyes and her way of walking, she was determined to memorise the Holy Quran,” her teacher added.

Anfal’s father rushed to the mosque after being told of the tragic news, only to see his daughter lying on the floor with the holy book was still open. He was reported to have said: “What an honourable way to die.”

The news about the teen’s death was widely circulated on social media platforms, with many posting messages of condolences and prayers for the grieving family.
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