A 34 year old Nigerian man is in police custody for allegedly murdering his 65 year old aunt on the accusations that she was making his P3nis grow spiritually.

The man. whose name is Christian Edem-Eyo, beheaded his aunt Uduak Effiong Okpo in Calabar Sout Local Government Area.

“I killed Uduak Okpo because she belonged to the marine world. She was terrorizing me spiritually in the compound,” he said.

“She was making my manhood to rise spiritually, that was why I killed her,” he added.

According to reports, after murdering her, Christian chopped of the head and burred it separately from the body on June 23.

The murder suspect told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that he killed Okpo because she belonged to the spiritual world.

The suspect is expected to be charged soon.

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