By Orchestra Kamanga

As one way of ensuring the smooth running of government departments, council officials have been asked not be lazy when doing government work.

Speaking during the orientation of Management Audi Committees from Southern Region in Blantyre Chief Accountant from Chikwawa, Steven Kanyerere observed that most official at the council report their duties rate.

“I observed that most of Councils employees report work very rate and they don’t work hard plus reading newspapers and playing bawo during working hours,” he said.

He further said councils should not waste government resources because sometimes they pay four District Commissioners despite that they is only one DC in each district.

“We observed that Accountant at councils duplicate because they pay four DCs while they are one,” he said.

But Kanyerere also said that they are some challenges in the council as they are only one internal audit and asked government to recruit more internal audit to make work easily.

The orientation of Management Audit Committees will be conducted in all three regions of the council.

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