A popular deejay from Nairobi in Kenya recently had his dreadlocks chopped off after allegedly failing to pay the hairdresser who fixed them.

In a video shared on Instagram, the victim is seen pinned to the ground as a man cuts off his dreadlocks with scissors.

According to The Standard, the DJ had reportedly gone to a local salon seven months earlier, where he had his hair done and promised to pay.

The news outlet reported that the hairdresser’s boyfriend laid a trap for the man, and then pounced on the unsuspecting DJ while armed with a pair of scissors.

In the video, as translated in English, the man is heard telling the victim that he is going to teach him a lesson.

“Look for other girlfriends to steal from, not mine. We want our dreads back,” the man said as he chopped off the dreads.

“Surely, why are you doing this to me when you know very well that I have been jobless all along?” he said as he pleaded in vain.

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