While some of the previous president Jacob Zuma’s relatives are pulling in shock after his unexpected choice to hand himself over for detainment on Wednesday night, some essentially acknowledged that this was the stopping point for the one who once sat in the most elevated seat in SA.

Another relative, who opted for anonymity, was additionally stunned at the new development.

“Would you be able to envision, from the president to detainee? It is unfathomable,” said the source, who might just uncover that Zuma is their uncle.

The relative said that an emergency vehicle that had been offered admittance to the property at around 11 pm was for Zuma’s significant other, Sizakela Gertrude Khumalo.

“The emergency vehicle that came in was for MaKhumalo. It came to go to her since when she heard the news [that Zuma was giving herself over] she may have experienced the shock since she was OK before,” the relative said.

The Constitutional Court last week saw Zuma as blameworthy of disdain and condemned him to 15 months’ detainment.

He was given until Sunday to hand himself over, bombing which police were given until late on Wednesday to make a capture.

As the Wednesday cutoff time lingered, a small bunch of allies led by Zuma’s child, Edward Zuma accumulated at the doors of the family’s Nkandla estate and pledged that they would not leave him alone arrested.

Notwithstanding, at about 11.15 pm, an escort of vehicles, some with Presidential Protection Service logos on the entryways, left the property.

It wasn’t long after this that police and the Jacob Zuma Foundation affirmed that Zuma was formally in guardianship.

Mzobe in the early long periods of Thursday said: “We are OK, on the grounds that essentially he gave himself over and nobody was harmed all the while. We were stressed over the exercises that were occurring outside the door, however, we are OK at this point. What will be will be. That is the world that we are living in.”

Zuma’s more established sibling, Khanya, was speechless and asked to rather be met later on Thursday morning.

Another source near the family said: “I’m not OK, but rather history will pass judgment on SA on what truly happened today. We are not lawmakers so we truly don’t have the foggiest idea what is happening.”

Zuma’s oldest child, Edward Zuma, who for the duration of the night had been vowing that his dad would not be going through a night in jail, was not quickly accessible for input.

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