Well-known musicians Patience Namadingo has threatened to leave the country for good after Malawians unanimously voted for Onesimus as the most talented singer.

One of the online platforms asked Malawians to choose whose most talented between ‘Panado’ hit-maker and ‘Maplani’ hit maker.

After voting, Onesimus emerged victorious after amassing 1342 votes against 654 votes obtained by Namadingo.

But the results have angered Namadingo who has threatened to permanently migrate to Zambia.

“Imagine being very hated by most of your people. and being very loved by God. What success can do In a jealousy infested place.

“Joseph became prime minister of Egypt, not of his country. Time to go permanently, ,” wrote Namadingo.

He added: “The negative energy is too much, it can kill a career if not careful. Tidzaonana.

“Is it a Crime to be number 1 kwanu kuno?

“Genesis 41:1-57 – Joseph’s Elevation to Power.”

Meanwhile Malawians have criticized Namadingo for making a hasty decision.

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