Police in Kenya are investigating a case in which a man,25, is said to have stabbed his wife to death using a kitchen knife before taking his own life.

According to a police report seen by K24 Digital, Bedan Kinyumu had a domestic dispute with his wife Caroline Mwende,23, that led to their separation.

“The deceased lured his wife to meet him for reconciliation and in the process, he attacked her while armed with a sharp object stabbing her several times on her body inflicting her with serious injuries,” the police report read.

According to area assistant chief Joshua Kitavi Musyoka the two have been quarrelling on who should take up the custody of their two children.

Musyoka added that the man was left to look after their two children, but blamed the wife for laxity in providing for their children.

“I received reports of a man aged 25 who has been having family wrangles with the wife over the upbringing of their children. The two met to discuss the future of their children but things quickly turned south,” the chief explained.

Speaking to K24 Digital the area chief said the deceased was carrying a very sharp kitchen knife and that he had poison hidden in his pocket.

The young man stabbed his wife twice on the stomach inflicting severe injuries using the high-pitched knife.

Thinking his wife had died, the young man committed suicide by stabbing himself thrice on his chest using the same knife before ingesting poison.

The incident attracted many villagers who responded and rushed the victims to hospital but on the way, the man succumbed due to injuries, while his wife was admitted at Kibwezi AMREF Sub County Hospital in critical condition, before being transferred to Makueni level 4 referral hospital.

“The deceased after stabbing his wife, stabbed himself too and took poison, but died while being rushed to Kibwezi Sub County Hospital,” the chief said.

The mother of two who received severe wounds on her body also died while receiving treatment at Makueni level 4 Referral Hospital.


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