Unable to bear his screen idol getting bashed up in a film, a 7-year old boy broke the TV set at home.

In a climax scene of a Telugu movie, Mahesh Babu bashes up the villain Sonu Sood. While watching the fight scene, an infuriated young fan Virat, pushed the TV from the stand and broke it, his uncle Ashok Kumar told the media.

He said that the incident occurred when the family was watching the popular Telugu film “Dookudu” at home.

“How dare he beats up Sonu Sood. I cant tolerate it,” third standard student Virat said when asked what angered him to break the TV. Asked why he likes the actor so much, the boy told the family, “did he not help people during lockdown? How anybody can beat such a good man”.

The incident, which occurred in Nayakali village of Sangareddy district, about 100km from Hyderabad, reflected the special affection Sonu Sood has earned among the millions across India by his selfless service to the needy during two deadly waves of COVID-19 and lockdowns.

Sonu Sood was in the forefront of fight against the pandemic by reaching out to thousands of migrant workers and arranging free food, shelter and transport for them. He also won the accolades when he spent his money to provide medical help to many victims of COVID-19 and even airlifting some of them to major cities for better treatment.

Sonu Sood, who hails from Punjab, is a highly popular actor in Hindi as well as south Indian films. He was one of the very few celebrities from the world of films and sports who came out on the streets to practically work with other volunteers to help people during the unprecedented crisis triggered by the pandemic and lockdowns.

In an emotional response to his good deeds many of his fans even built temples and shrines in his honour many parts of the country.

When the news of young kid breaking TV set reached Sonu Sood, he responded in funny way. “You have broken TV for me and now your father will demand a new TV from me”, he tweeted.

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