Veteran Musician Lucius Banda who is also Presidential Advisor on Youth and Arts has weighed in to a recent fight between well-known musician Patience Namandingo and fans over a competition conducted by one of the social media platforms in the country.

One of the online platforms asked Malawians to choose whose most talented between ‘Panado’ hit-maker and ‘Maplani’ hit maker.

After voting, Onesimus emerged victorious after amassing 1342 votes against 654 votes obtained by Namadingo.

The results did not please Namandingo who said he is switching to Zambia permanently, accusing Malawians of holding hatred toward him and his music career.

Namandingo’s reaction fueled further public anger with many accusing him of being immature.

Writing on his official facebook page Banda has urged Malawians to desist from comparing artists, saying the tendency is killing the music industry.

“Thinking as an artist…. l have been watching and listening to all the drama happening through social Media. The modern music industry is sightly different from the one we created years back yes but one thing remain a golden rule in arts:

“Never put artists in an unfair competition,” wrote Banda.

He added: “All artist are different from each other so they can’t compete with each other. Other artist could be good on something, while others are good in another you should never put them in a competition.

“Respect them by awarding them what ever but to say X and Z who is better is a bad thing for arts.

“let us help to build this little industry by being positive and an artist who rejoice on winning these primitive competition must check themselves.”

Meanwhile debate on Namadingo’s switching to Zambia continues.

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