A Zimbabwean man was arrested and charged for incest and committing adultery after he was caught having s3x with his biological son’s wife in her matrimoneal bed.

According to reports, the man Munashe Kahonde, a nurse aide at Chimandau Clinic was caught doing the unthinkable by his own son Peter Mafuta after he saw his fathers shoes at the door of his house.

When Mafuta confronted his wife on the matter, the wife refused to admit which prompted him to get inside and look for the mystery man only to find his father under his bed, hiding.

“The day Kahonde fell into a snare, he was betrayed by his shoes that were found at the corner inside the bedroom.

“My wife refused to admit but I rummaged the bedroom until I found him in stealth under the bed,” said Mafuta.

It is reported that Kahonde is fond of quenching his sexual appetite with his daughter-in-laws.

When he was brought before a community court, he was slapped to pay five beasts, three for his son and the remaining two for the village headman.

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