Rolex is one of the living proofs that products with a tremendous quality stay at the top market through the years. Rolex had been around for a century and two decades.

It remains elevated with its crown logo, soaring through the river of watches. “A crown for every achievement,” explains how this watch is a celebration of success. It served as a reward for those who finally “made it.”

Brief History

If you’re planning to buy a Rolex watch, it makes sense knowing first its history. Hans Wildorf found a job at La-Chaux-de-Fonds. Back in the days of mini-clocks, the establishment was one hotspot of horology. This is the scientific field study of time, of clocks. Also including parts that compose it.

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis profited from assembled Switzerland watches. Then they made wristwatches. They were the founders of Rolex. He thought of the onomatopoeic figure of a wounding clock. It kept ringing in his mind, simply, Rolex.

Some suggest that it was short for horological excellence. Nevertheless, Wilsdorf and Davis Private Limited Company shifted to Rolex Watch Co. Ltd. In terms of its precision and accuracy, Rolex is a recognized brand certified for usual marine chronometers.

When Hans Wildorf died, the company’s foundation took over management.

Features of a Rolex Watch

We know Rolex for its precision and being a highly expensive brand of watch. The main reason for its cost is the nature of the product. Given that the materials used are authentic, professionals handle the manufacturing process.

The materials used are as little, therefore, much prone to defect and complex to achieve. The watches undergo strict quality control. Therefore, the impeccable results are undeniable.

What makes a Rolex watch?

Stainless Steel

Rolex uniquely uses 904L rather than the common 316L. Rolex ensures durability and glamour with this high-quality material.


Under its utterly impervious case lies one of a kind of movement that is celebrated by collectors and aficionados. Rolex calibers continue to innovate to promote chronometric precision.

Oyster Case

This is the first-ever recognized impenetrable case in the world brought to you by Rolex. It has become one milestone that guarantees resistance to water until 3900 meters underwater.

Triplock Crown Seal

This seal improves the proofing of the watch to water. It is most often found in Rolex specialized sports watches.

Most Expensive Rolex Watches

Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona

This model is the most expensive watch to be ever sold in the world. In an auction, the final bidder settled the price at the vibrating price of $17.8 Million.

It is not by the materials that set the collectors’ interest soaring. It is simply for the value that it had played between Paul Newman and his wife, Joanne Woodward.

1971 Rolex Daytona Reference 626 Unicorn

Unlike the first one, its rarity highly emphasized this model. They make the Unicorn Daytona of 18-karat gold, unlike the rest that is of stainless steel. It was sold in 2018 at $5.9 Million.

Rolex Bao Dai

This model was sold in an auction for $5.1 Million. The Rolex Bao Dai was owned by the Nguyen dynasty’s last emperor. It was by that time that it was the most expensive Rolex watch. Its features were truly precious and rare.

Authenticity Check

Because of its popularity and price, Rolex had also become the center of attraction of fake imitations and marketing. To keep you from worries check out certified and recognized stores. They are holders of the Official Rolex Plaque.

You may visit for 100% authentic Rolex watches.

Here are some key points to identify the difference between an original and a fake Rolex watch:

  1. One of the key features a fake Rolex cannot imitate is the watch’s waterproofness. They make every Rolex watch withstand at least 100 meters deep waters. The materials Rolex uses are of higher quality than the others.
  2. The materials are also associated with the weight of the watch. So, you must watch out for the lighter feel of counterfeits.
  3. Rolex watches aid physical and mechanical perfection. You can watch out for the uneven imprecision of printed dial letterings. Also, check the logo placement.

Rolex Ranked Top Picks

  1. Rolex Submariner 

As the name suggests, the Rolex Submariner released in 2010 is a diver’s watch. This model belongs to the sport series Submariner by Rolex. It is made of stainless steel, together with 31 jewels embedded.

It is round-shaped in a black hue with a luminescent finish. This model holds a 50-hour power reserve that displays hours, minutes, and seconds. The thing with this model is that it perfectly serves its purpose with accuracy even under the deep waters.

  1. GMT Master II

This model holds an approximate 48-50 hour power reserve. They often regard it as the Batman Watch of Rolex. Its water resistance can hold about 100 meters deep.

This men’s watch is made of stainless oyster steel material with a GMT function. It is an analog, self-winding with a bidirectional bezel in black Cerachrom and blue. In 40 mm diameter displays hours, minutes, seconds with a 24-hour hand additive.

  1. Rolex Sea-Dweller 

With a water resistance of about 3900 meters deep, the Rolex Sea-Dweller remains unrivaled in the favor of professional divers. This fascinating model amends deep-sea interferences to prevent malfunctions and retain its precision.

Rolex ensures consolidation against the cruel saltwater. Its case is made of titanium and stainless steel, hefty and solid.

This model is resilient to underwater pressure with a helium release valve. They also enhanced legibility through the luminescence of D-Blue Dial Light.

  1. Explorer II

This model is perfect for frolic adventures and experiences. The watch itself is made resistant to water and harsh environments that may affect the time apprehension. Rolex Explorer II could adapt in dry and underwater escapades for 100 meters. The watch is 42 mm in diameter with luminescent hands and time indicators.

Take Away

A Rolex watch’s value is perpetual. It could be portrayed as family heirlooms and exist for generations even with a defect. People would still demand it. How popular is the Rolex brand? Think of a watch and Rolex shall be the first thing on your mind. The popularity of Rolex outgrew generations. So long that it seemed to be an embedded culture and a standard of sophistication.


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