In most cases when relationships end, people tend to turn into enemies for some reasons. Mostly depends on how the relationship ended.

It is rare to find people who were once in a romantic relationship to continue being friends.

When relationships end, men who are providers in most cases rush in demanding things they bought for their girlfriend, (childish behavior).

In a recent video that has surfaced online, a lady is seen teaching her ex boyfriend a lesson after he tried to take away a car he gifted her.

According to information at hand, the two were once involved in a romantic relationship.

In the course of their journey as love birds, the man bought a car as a n appreciation to the woman he was once in love with.

When things turn sour, the two parted ways, following the break up, the man went back to girl demanding the car he bought for her.

This did not g well with the girl who later started punching the ex boyfriend mercilessly.

The lady then proceeded to attack him while bystanders watched and told the young man not to retaliate.

He tried to ward her off but she kept advancing towards him with some punches and even tore his shirt.

Video below.

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