A Nigerian man was forced to cancel his wedding at an eleventh hour after his best friend told him that the woman he was about to make his wife and spend the rest of his life with is a slay queen.

According to Nwoke Agulu, a friend to the would be groom said he felt pity for his friend and decide to rescue him from the blunder he was about to make by sending him irrefutable evidence of the truth about his fiancé.

“My guy who resides in UK sent me a pic of out town girl he wanted to marry, he praised the girl as a God fearing, coincidentally the girl is on my contact list and I view her statuses,” he said.

After trying to tell him of the behavior of the girl, his friend did not grasp what he was saying and insisted that he will still marry her. This promoted Agulu to send two videos of the girl twerking in a club backing his point.

After seeing the videos, the man did not think twice but to communicate with his family and friends that the wedding has been cancelled.

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