A man has got social media buzzing after shockingly revealing that he’s dating his cousin.

The flamboyant Twitter user even shared a few very interesting exclusive comments with Briefly News.

“She’s My Cousin But We Decided to break the rules and become lovers,” he captioned the saucy post.

Speaking exclusively with Briefly News, the young man was asked whether or not the tweet was fake and just posted for clout and had this message to share:

“Others are just jealous cause in their culture it’s a so called “taboo”

The lover boy also went on to reveal that he had developed feelings for his cousin from the age of 18 and hasn’t had any regrets about their choice to make it official.

social media users had mixed reactions to the post. While some condemned the couple for messing with the well-being of their possible future children, others suggested that marrying one’s cousin was a very African thing.

Check out some of the comments below:

@BraBobM said: “Having kids with your first cousin (uncles kid) is very dangerous, it doubles the chances of the child being disabled.”

@Mzee_Mzeee said: @luluvuyelele is lies… I’ve seen many cousins have kids even some married but children are totally fine…”

@luluvuyelele said: “In our culture which is Xhosa it is a taboo to be in a relationship with your cousin or as cousins , but I know that Pedi people are allowed to marry as cousins.”

@Godricmpr said: “Both of you just brought bad luck into your family…. what you’re doing is a taboo in future your ancestors will deal with you.”

@Kholofelokim said: “There are cultures that allow and embrace this.” @smof2008 said: “Aowa, lots of elders in my family married within the family. We are all OK. After all, it kinda helps that one does not bring sh**ty families into the family.”

@azanianson01 said: “There’s no such, taboo according to who? Life is abt happiness and being with the people u love dearly.”

@lawman_lawrence said: “Cousins should be cancelled as family members, these people are our types yho.”

@Rouky_ZAR said: “How does it work though you all grow up together as just cousins then jiki jiki lanyobana!!”

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