A man with a micropenis has revealed how he enjoyed being humiliated by watching his girlfriend having sex with more endowed men.

Chad told the Strictly Anonymous podcast that it would be he who would find the men to have sex with his partner and he got a thrill out of the humiliation.

He was upfront in the chat about his small penis that is about an inch in size and while it didn’t stop him from having sex, he admitted feeling insecure about it.

Chad, who is bisexual, was in an on-and-off relationship for 20 years with a woman that began as normal and then when he raised the idea of “cuckolding” she was keen.

Cuckholding Chad told the Strictly Anonymous is when a man is sexually attracted by watching his partner commit adultery or be unfaithful with other men.

He told the podcast: “We were cuckolding in the sense that she could have sex with other men and I chose not to entertain any other ladies or anything.

“I would find well endowed men for her and she would have sex with them, most of the time in front of me. Sometimes, we had a regular man, so most of the time it was done in front of me, a few times they’d make dates without me.

“I’d set up the dates and they’d agree to times when I was at work or I’d have to do some other stuff and they’d kind of humiliate me by sending pictures or videos or what not, calling me in the middle of the act.

“It would be humiliating and a turn on at the same time.”

They eventually split up when she started cheating on him with someone who wasn’t part of their circle.

He said what he enjoyed was the “humiliation” from his partner having sex with someone else.

Chad said: “The fact that she is with a much bigger male.

“She’d say and do things to him that would humiliate me and then of course I’d be dressed like a sissy. We’d talk about how much bigger and more endowed he was and how he owned her now.”

He said that their relationship had started as normal and there had never been a mention of his penis size until he mentioned cuckolding.

“I was dating her off and on for about 20 years,” he said.

“There was zero conversation about the size of my penis until I brought up the cuckolding thing and the humiliation thing and I was just like let it out everything you know about me and everything you want.

“If you were to sleep with another guy and that at first became just part of a very rational discussion with her being open and honest and I was like I enjoy the humiliation aspect. So we let that fly and she is a pretty creative lady.”

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