The prophet who made headlines after his prophecy regarding the game of England and Italy failed has finally speak out explaining why his prophecy did not come to pass.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi of Glorious Wave Church International, on July 11, 2021 during a Sunday service at his church prophesied that England will carry the day in the Euro 2020 finals.

However things did not go as he prophesied, Italy won the cup.

Following his failed prophecy, Badu Kobi received backlash from football fanatics who accused him of being fake.

Last Sunday during a service, the said man of God decided to clear the air regarding his failed prophecy and explained why his prophecy did not come to pass.

According to him the main reason is because people rushed to do betting after he gave the prophecy on who will win the game.

“When I prophesy about football and you want it to come to pass, don’t use God’s words for betting. The prophecy will fail, God’s word is not for betting. God is laughing at some people.

“Don’t fight for me, all you can do it promote me because I am his agent. If God sent me and you don’t understand, face God.” said the man of God.

He had also prophesied that Brazil would win the Copa America trophy but it failed as Brazil lost to Argentina.

Preciously, Kobi had prophesied that Donald Trump and John Mahama would win their reelection campaign, but the prophecies never came to pass.

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