Random clip on the internet pops up and catches the man’s attention. He was totally shocked finding out the truth about his wife.

According to The Paper, in March 2021, a man named Yin Cheng, living in Urad, city of Bayan Nur, China , accidentally bumped into a clip on the internet that unveiled his wife’s unfaithfulness.

It is a heart-rending experience after spending a big amount of money to get married only to find out his wife had been married to many other men and the number is still going up.

Yin Cheng is now 35 years old and supposed to be old enough to build a home. He decided to find a close relative who knows someone famed for connecting the “lost souls”! Through this matchmaker, Yin Cheng got to know a woman named Nana, living in the Gansu Province, China.

Yin Cheng was excited to drive to Gansu to meet Nana’s aunt who told stories about Nana’s care for her old and weak father and pushed Yin Cheng to marry her soon. Later on, the aunt videocalled Nana so that Yin Cheng could see her face. Satisfied with each other’s appearance, they agreed on a real-life meeting.

In the first meeting with Yin Cheng, Nana shared about her failed marriage with another man. Yin Cheng feel empathetic with her and showed that he didn’t care about her past. After that, he even gave her 1000 yuan (~155 USD) to show his genuine empathy.

Not long after that, Yin Cheng and his family came to meet Nana’s aunt to talk about a marriage. They came to an agreement that Yin Cheng would present Nana marriage gifts and jewellery that were worth 148.000 Yuan (~2,300 USD).

After a month of dating, Yin Cheng asked for a paper of registration of marriage but Nana said that her personal papers were in trouble, so they coulnd’nt do it at the moment. However, the two’s marriage took place anyway.

After becoming his wife, Nana gave all types of reasons to be absent from home. Sometimes she asked to visit her parents, sometimes she asked to go visiting her friends hospitalized at hometown. Each time she went weeks long far from home till coming back.

Till one day when scrolling videos on the internet, Yin Cheng was stunned by a similar appearance. It was his Nana who was being the pride at another wedding. He couldn’t believe it but watching it over and over again confirmed his doubt.

To make it clear, Yin Cheng embarked on a trip to Xixiaozhao town where the wedding took place. He found the broom and the two men had a private meeting to confirm they had married the same person.

Yin Cheng asked for the help of the policeman. After investigations, they concluded Nana had been a fraudulent and Nana’s aunt actually had no relationship with her. They had together deceived 19 other men to be her husbands.

Now they are in custody for fraud. The police are still searching for others who involve in this ring.

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