As the Malawi Police has embarked on enforcing Covid-19 regulations in the country, at least 269 people have been arrested for failing to comply with the rules.

According to National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera, the arrest have been made across the country since the operation vala masks took form.

“269 individuals have been arrested for defying COVID-19 Rules and Regulations, Tuesday, July 20, 2021 across the country,” he said.

Kadadzera added that most of the arrested people appeared before courts and were found guilty of the crimes and were sentenced accordingly.

The police publicist has since said that the police will continue enforcing the laws until everyone is seen abiding to them.

“The Police will continue enforcing “operation Vala Mask” to ensure that Malawians are adhering to COVID-19 Rules and Regulations,” said Kadadzera.

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