Being desperate after losing her unborn baby, the young mother came to a decision that made her regret it for the rest of her life!

The unbelievable story that happened in Curitiba, Brazil is attracting the attention of the country’s media. 23-year-old Talita Meireles lost her unborn child on June 27 and suffered from postpartum depression.

However, the camera captured the scene of her holding a newborn baby in her arms, revealing the condemnable but also very sad incident.

Speaking to the police, the young woman admitted intentionally wearing a white blouse, pretending to be a nurse to steal another mother’s newborn baby from the hospital. She planned to raise it and treat it like the baby she had just miscarried.

While mentally overwhelmed and scared, the girl did the unbelievable. “I walked around the hospital and looked at the kids. I just wanted to hug them. And that’s how it happened. I didn’t want to do anything bad.”

According to the miserable woman, she entered the maternity ward without being questioned because the staff was changing shifts at the time. Then, she saw a nurse’s uniform in the changing room and put it on just to watch the babies.

When she saw a mother taking care of her baby, she pretended to say that the baby needed to be tested and carried him away. However, it was not only a few minutes later that she was discovered and arrested.

The mother was too young and desperate to be aware of the consequence of her actions.

The staff quickly brought the child back to the baby’s mother and handed Talita over to the police for handling.

Unable to hold back tears from fear and panic, she said: “I lost my baby, I don’t dare to tell my family, I don’t want to tell anyone. I was so desperate.”

Talita revealed that her husband was traveling so he did not know anything about his wife and what had happened to her.

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