A polygamous gold dealer from Mutoko has shocked his local community after he divorced his wife and married her daughter instead.

Edson Chatsakama allegedly impregnated 22-year-old Ruth Mika, his former wife’s daughter. Ruth has since given birth and is now nursing her former stepfather’s alleged child.  Ruth is reported to be staying with Chatsakama as his second wife.

Ruth’s mother, Memory Magaba expressed shock at her daughter’s relationship with her former stepfather. Magaba who is now staying in Epworth following the divorce told H-Metro,

“Chatsakama akandiroora ndine mwanasikana wangu Ruth tikazobereka mwana mukomana arikuita Grade One izvezvi.”

“Chatsakama was very abusive and ended up not supporting me financially and I did not know that he was seeing my daughter behind my back.

“Zvandirwadza chose kuziva kuti Chatsakama akatora mwana wangu kumuita mudzimai.

“Zvoreva kuti mwana wangu ndiye akakonzera kurambana kwangu nemurume.

“It is better that they give me my son so that they live as husband and wife

“Saka Ruth ari kunzi ani nehanzvadzi yake. Zvakaoma zvandakaitirwa izvi.”

The publication reports that Chatsakama barred Ruth from talking to them. However, he denied that he had taken Ruth as his second wife.

Chatsakama insisted that he was only staying with his step-daughter because he wanted to protect Ruth from her mother. He alleged that Memory is abusive towards her daughter.

“Ruth is not my second wife as alleged and I am aware that the community is awash with false reports that I am the father to her baby.”

“I separated with her mother and her return to my house follows the abuse she underwent at the hands of her mother.

He also insisted that the local community was fabricating allegations against him out of jealousy.

“The community is spreading falsehoods because they are jealous of my hard work as a gold dealer.”

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