What’s Going on With Walmart’s Greatest Customers?!


Walmart may have the wildest deals around, but it’s recently become a goldmine for more than just rollback prices. With stores in every single state, it’s become a treasure of sociological research in the age of smartphones. People just can’t help but snap and post some of the wackiest folks popping up at this iconic superstore. With more than 11,695 locations, you’re bound to have at least a few crazies going in and out every day! It’s no conspiracy, really.

Midnight Snacker

Have you ever been desperately hungry just before bed? We all have, honestly. But who can say they went nude straight to Walmart, barely blanketed? Only this woman, we hope.


When those rumbles takes over, nothing can stop the cravings for some. The duvet does help stay within the law, but maybe Walmart needs a very basic dress code just for the store. This is outrageous! Nothing underneath! Will no one confront this bizarre babe, right to her face? No, and she probably got a warm “Welcome to Walmart” on the way in!

Questionably legal at times, but always entertaining: See the funniest photos ever taken at Walmart!


Home Spa Honey


There’s no question that masking has become a serious trend in the beauty world. Mud may sound like it doesn’t belong on the face, but any skin guru will tell you to think again!



Still, what is this gal thinking? Walmart is no place to scare the children with a green disguise like this. It’s spooky, almost! Or, we have a real multitasker here. Clearing blackheads while picking up some fruit at shockingly low prices? Maybe she’s just ahead of the curve.


Legging Lover


The ladies department usually carries more experimental, trendy clothing in most stores. Men often stick with the basics, but this couple is breaking the mold!



Both may be wearing casual tees and denim, but there’s a big difference in their choices today. The man has decided to sport wacky leggings and emphasize his beautiful calves! Is he just ahead of the times, yet roaming WalmartAnything is possible. But let’s be honest, he probably just felt too cold and lazy to get out of his pajamas!


Public Service Announcement


In case you were wondering. this man has no intention of violating the guidelines. Not only does he plan to stay several meters away from you. but he expects the same. Punching is a punishment he’s not afraid to dole out!


People of Walmart


The directions are clear, and he’s certainly within his rights to ask for some space right now. Frankly, boxing distance is not a bad start! But truthfully, unless his arms are six feet long, that’s still far too close for comfort. Six foot minimum, people! Maybe it’s time for a new shirt with the new science?


Sanitary Or Safe?


Look, the virus is deadly. But some of these masks might actually kill people just from laughter! What is this older couple thinking, for the love of Walmart?

People of Walmart


Well, let’s analyze. The sunglasses are certainly a good idea. After all, it has been reported that COVID-19 can be absorbed through the eyes! Those masks, though. What’s the deal with these menstrual products? There is no way these two didn’t have scarf at home. Or any cloth at all? People, this is not recommended. Stop it!


Fashion Police 911


Many may actually be scared looking at this photo. It’s beyond simply amusement, and it’s not clear why Walmart didn’t stop this woman at the entrance! Was it Halloween, at least?

If not, there is no excuse for this situation. This customer seems to have two separate hairdos, neither cooperating with the other. One style looks upside-down, the other seems to be a mop! And the over-the-top jewelry doesn’t jive well with the flowers, does it? If this woman refuses to reform, it may be time for handcuffs. This is a fashion emergency!


Burn, Baby Burn


Let’s hope this girl is heading straight for the Aloe Vera section, because goodness gracious. This is one beet red back, and painful to even look at!

Clearly, she’s come to the right place. Walmart will surely have several hundred sunscreen bottles at rock bottom prices to use to her heart’s content. Has no one ever told her UV rays cause skin cancer and aging? It almost looks as though she is wearing a red undershirt here. Ouch, and yikes!


What A Weiner


Okay Mr. cool guy, we see you. Hot dog costumes like that don’t happen everyday, but it still begs the question: Why today?

People of Walmart.


Maybe he just wanted to go totally incognito for that tabloid reading he is doing at the moment. Embarrassing for some, a guilty pleasure for others. And for this guy, it seems to be both. Furthermore, he seems to be posing as a handicapped shopper. Is that even true? Maybe he is just trying to avoid the slippery mess he created in aisle after aisle, a trail of ketchup and mustard. Yum?


Check My Toes Out


Some may wonder if this is the beginning of a trend. Fashion can be unpredictable, after all! Was this bought a couture shop? Is this lady just ahead of the trend, unlike us?



No, let’s be real. This Walmart shopper definitely took it upon herself as a DIY project, and the results are questionable. It appears she has actually cut through her sneakers and her socks! Those lovely blue painted toes are probably the source of the problem. We all know pedicures on the go can be tricky, since they take so long to dry. Still, yuck!


Doggy Deals


Walmart is famous for its competitor busting specials, so maybe his woman is just enjoying a ‘buy one get one free’ puppy sale. What are the odds?


Pretty low, based on pet sales laws. But either way, these little pups are definitely enjoying the trolley ride all through store today. So much to see and smell, so many sweet deals! If they could talk, they would probably thank her for the sensory adventure. The other shoppers? Let’s hope they don’t have any allergies!


Masked And Ready


It seems there has been a big misunderstanding here. Walmart employees do try their best, at least sometimes. But putting a medical mask on Corona beer? Why, that’s just lazy thinking!

People of Walmart


First of all, the virus has nothing to do with this delicious Mexican brand! A little lime and a little light lager never hurt anybody. Second, there’s no reason to protect the beer itself from illness. These bottles can’t get sick, can they? Overall, a waste of a precious mask. Walmart, get with it!


Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair


Did Rapunzel eventually escape the tower, lose her dress sense, and the total desire to brush her hair? Why, yes. And then, she gained a few pounds, aged a few years, and decided to visit Walmart.



Just kidding, Walmart has attracted yet another customer too lazy to book a hairdresser appointment. Long and tangled, these locks are disturbing. But this woman could probably make the case that far worse has happened at the store, probably even this week! Brush, comb, assistance to aisle 4.


The Grim Beaker


It’s true that the COVID-19 epidemic has led to mass mask-wearing around the world. And for good reason! All those sneaky particles can come from anywhere, and everywhere. What’s this strategy, though?


People of Walmart


Well, the first issue is whether or not this is a tight seal. Judging from those eyeholes, no. The second issue is whether or not this enforces social distancing rule effectively. On this count, it looks like a yes. This is terrifying! No one is going to come six feet within this beer buyer, and he knows it. Very innovative, sir!


Fashion Forward


Another day, another Walmart mystery. Where to start? The tie-dye, the jeans, the single leg warmer? It’s almost too confusing to analyze! Yes, fashion is very individual, but what kind of statement is this?


That headpiece alone deserves its own paragraph. Incredibly colorful, totally incomprehensible. Although this scene is basically offensive from a fashion standpoint, one thing is for sure. This Walmart woman could be accused of a lot of things, but she is not scared of taking risks. And maybe that actually deserves a little more credit thee days!


Wed-Mart Lovers


Well well, two lovebirds in line. We can only imagine that these two met at this very location, waiting to pay at Walmart. Naturally, what better place exists to say their vows?


Is it the most romantic of settings? No. But there’s plentiful food, cheap clothing, and a reputation for enough entertainment for everyone. Sounds like a memorable day, indeed! Maybe these two are onto something. Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded Walmart buddy? Yes, she does!




It’s hard to keep up with the trends, these days. Especially in the beauty world, things cycle back and forth. The 80’s were all about thick, fluffy brows. Just ask Brooke Shields! The 90’s pushed back, perhaps to an extreme. Pencil thin was in, for a decade. But this individual is a trendsetter bringing back a vintage look!



By vintage, that means the Paleolithic era. This is positively cavewoman! Or perhaps, grunting caveman. Will monster brows catch on, or remain a special moment at Walmart? Only time will tell, shoppers!


I Love You, You Love Me


Finally, Barney’s wife! The world has been searching for her all this time, thinking she was extinct! Calling the Discovery Channel, hello?

But seriously, that hanging dino tail could not have been an accident. Perhaps she is a birthday party entertainer and came straight from the job? Or maybe, evolution is happening right before our eyes? Walmart seems to be a welcoming place for the wacky and weird, but it looks like she is loading up on booze. Lady, maybe lay off the drinks! What are you wearing in public?


Reach For The Stars, Or Groceries


God help the clerks tasked to reach those top items. Are you a giant, or at least over 6 feet tall? If so, Walmart is probably hiring near you right now!


Sadly, Walmart workers don’t seem to be the speediest fulfilling your request for those top shelf products. Where do they store those ladders, the moon? In the meantime, this woman took things into her own hands, literally. And we love it! She might have trouble standing and walking when it comes to insurance issues, but a Walmart deal is a Walmart deal. Oh yeah!


Furry Fury


Wait a minute, are wolverines allowed in the store? According to Walmart policy and the law itself, no way! If this is actually a human male, though, the situation is far more frightening. Someone call the fashion police, right meow!

Despite its reputation for hosting the weird and wild, even Walmart has its limits. Today, those limits have been found! It’s possible this man wandered into the Gillette aisle and found the razors. At least some Nair, please? It’s time a shave and a makeover — or a lifetime ban!


Ninja Turtle Comeback


Another customer, another bizarre pet. No one would be surprised by a dog on a leash, even if it’s against store policy. But in all of Walmart photography history, this turtle is a first!


It’s unique, sure. Could it be an emotional support animal trend? Perhaps. But nothing goes as slow as a turtle, and it’s likely this poor woman is in for one long shopping outing. Weird as this situation undoubtedly is, it’s probably not breaking any formal rules. Who could have anticipated this in management?


Deal Diving


It’s true, high grade masks have been totally out of stock all around the world. Yes, even Walmart was out of stock! When that happens, you know something serious is happening. Walmart always has what you need, or so people assumed.


SNAP Viral

A close inspection of this unique approach reveals a few flaws, sadly. This clever lass has totally sealed off her nose and eyes from coughs and sneezes. Great idea! But where is her breathing tube sourcing its air from? There lies the problem. She is just sucking in germs, with no social distancing at all! Walmart, take note.


We Need Some Fresh Meat


Now, this is something you don’t see at Walmart every day. It looks like this woman is ready for a night out.


But who knows, maybe it’s a morning-after trip and she was just desperate for some more meat.


Check Out That Catpack


Cats ordinarily are not seen at Walmart, despite the kingdom of critters that do make their way into the store. Maybe they have their own thing going on, most of the time?

People of Walmart


This helpful bubble on a bag has completely trapped the cat. Against its will, it is now exploring the aisles of a local Walmart. There certainly is a section just for pets, with lots of distracting feathery toys and kibble smells. It’s unlikely his owner is only going to hang out there all day, though. Sorry kitty hostage, prepare for boring sightseeing!


Wrong Turn


It’s true that everyone get s little groggy whole driving sometimes. But this disoriented is totally out of the norm. How exactly does one swerve all the way through the giant Walmart parking lot, straight into the fresh produce aisle? Now that takes commitment!

Corona Police Department


Some are surely going to question the blood alcohol level of this driver. But others may question the nature of the deals Walmart was offering that day. Maybe with prices so low, a customer simply got too excited? Was this black Friday, perhaps? Inquiring minds want to know!


Not Illegal Yet


It’s one thing being risky when it comes to haircuts. It’s another thing being totally ridiculous! This guy was clearly trying to work out his baldness, but this cannot be the solution. Not on our watch!

This rat tail is frankly very distracting, even at Walmart. Was a hairdresser ever consulted about this life altering decision? No professional would allow their client to leave like the shop like this, at least not sober. The fashion police have now come to capture a crime in progress, for all the world to see. Consider this a warning, sir!


A True “Wrapper” Yo


According to the Jolly Rancher company, “Whatever life throws at you, keep on sucking.” That’s their slogan, and they’re standing by it. Somehow, one customer here has taken inspiration from the brand. All out of beads? Just tie some colorful candy in!

Who really sees the difference, besides everyone? At Walmart, hair accessories are always just a short walk away. And at unbeatable, low prices! It’s possible this was a money saver. But it’s bound to be sticky, and soon! Bead addicts, leave this idea where it belongs: The aisle 3 fashion hall of fame!


Monkey Business


How often do you see a monkey outside of a zoo? In Walmart, apparently, often! Just look at this adorable furry monster in aisle three!


Wrapped tenderly in a towel, it’s likely most customers will not even notice this special guests in their midst. But what has gotten into this lady? Maybe she has empty nest syndrome, or jungle fever. Whatever the case may be, fellow shoppers better pray that this little guy is toilet trained! Cleanup, aisle no thanks.


Walmart, The Zoo


What is it with megastore shopping and animal bonding? There should be a strict no pet rule for customers. But knowing the Walmart crowd, it’s likely this would be ignored and disrespected!



First, a monkey, then a turtle, and now a ferret? Walmart must seriously think about starting a new discount zoo with all this animal activity going on! Still, the one character that seems to be missing from all these scenes is any cat. Perhaps felines have better things to do? Meow meow, no thanks!


Armed And Dangerous Deals


This man knows he wants to lowest prices in town. And no one is going to mess with this goal, in any aisle, at any self, or at self- checkout! Behold, that strap.

People of Walmart


Some might say this above a average safety prep for a simple shopping trip. Or maybe not! Perhaps he is preparing for the mob to rush in and steal all precious toilet paper. Apparently, that’s a hot commodity these days! Either way, he has quite a look going on. Very Walmart chic, right?


Magical Moments


It seems this family loves magical role-playing. We have the father with his Robin Hood style costume, and a unicorn daughter. What’s the connection? Truly, hard to say without direct interrogation.



But what’s up with those Americana socks? It’s so hard to figure out the message here, but he clearly wants people to start thinking. Fair enough. But the unicorn onesie probably isn’t as deep. Everyone loves a good magical horned horse, flying through the clouds straight to Walmart. No judgement, just questions. No one understands!


Leggy Lady


It seems this poor woman suffers from some sort of disease that keeps her whole body at freezing beside her right leg!

I mean, is there any other viable explanation as to why exactly her one side of her pants is rolled up and the other down? It cannot be a fashion statement…can it?


Walking VLC Player


This woman has a clear message for anyone who even thinks about violating social distancing guidelines. She is masked, but boy is she orange! Hard to miss, stay away!

People of Walmart


A closer look reveals a lot more about this customer’s hard work at home. With a little creativity, she has effectively sealed her mouth and nose with some DIY fabric from home. And the shirt matches well, too. The cone, though — the cone! If this becomes a trend, at least there is historical evidence about where it all really began. Walmart, hello!


Ridin’ Dirty


America, America. That old song really did capture Walmart culture, didn’t it? Oh beautiful, for spacious aisles. For endless trays of grain. For purple coo-laid, magically, never flavored plain. Those were the lyrics generations sang in celebration. Or is that an update, while no one was looking?



To point out the obvious, the ma’am inside the cart is not disabled. Perhaps her friend is, in the real seat. But the laziness here cannot be overstated. With more than enough space to accommodate a group of three, “save money, live better” can only work with customer participation!


Muscling Through


Dad here spends a lot of time gathering necessities for everyone at home. But today, it was time to share a life lesson with the little one. It may look easy, but low-price shopping is an art with a cart! Even at Walmart, this counts as quite a role reversal.



Now, it’s her turn to push the goods around. While it’s mostly paper towels, body weight takes up most of her effort. Maybe this goes too far, in the sense that it’s not going very far at all. At this rate, they will both miss last call at closing!


Hello Kitty


It seems some customers that frequent Walmart are simply deranged. A picture says a thousand words, as they say. But whatever she personally thinks would be much more interesting. Is it a disguise, or a fashion statement? What’s the explanation for this outfit in aisle 7?

No one has any idea, and the answer probably isn’t coming. It’s a clash between the pink dino bag, the skull print cardigan, and the hat, especially. Maybe she knows the truth here: Look at her sad face, as she is confronted by the fashion police on film!


Bikini Boy


Surely, this ranks among the best optical illusions in Walmart history. Just under those curves is plenty of macho manliness, but fellow shoppers are none the wiser. Will he purchase what he has already tried on?


Hard to believe this is for sale, in the men’s section. That’s because it isn’t! Mr. gentlemen has wandered in to the wrong dressing room, today. But clearly, he doesn’t mind the result. Off he goes, down the aisle with a style all his own. Not too matchy-matchy — and at rollback prices, too!


Bart Simpson Approves


Ah, the classic “kick me” sign. Kids can be cruel. But these days, they can also be creative! At this point, the same old slogan just won’t do. An experienced bully is always one step ahead! This unsuspecting victim at work has acquired a very misleading message on his back.

Hold back that giggle, readers. It’s just not true! This sir is no ma’am, and he certainly doesn’t know others are staring. He merely wants to do his service at Walmart, bringing folks the lowest prices every day. Every darn day, even to ungrateful kids!


Totally Triggered


Any kind of gun control is a controversial policy, in America. There are simply large areas of the country that believe in conceal and carry laws. But whatever side people are on, surely no one thinks the debate is about conceal in butt crack!

Now that’s just rude, as the founding fathers would have said. Packing heat and packing a few groceries for the road is the mission this customer is on today, regardless. With all the tattoos and a pistol in full view, it won’t be hard to defend her spot in line. Things can get pushy, when there’s a good deal on eggs!


Mother Knows Best


Just when innocent bystanders thought it was safe to come out and shop, Walmart got freaky again. It always does! The store may advertise to plenty of moms and moms-to-be. But what is this audience, here?



For those pretending to be parents, a dead doll does help. Slung over her shoulder, she browses the alcohol aisle. As the debate between Miller and Busch starts in her mind, she doesn’t notice the confusion around her. Is it fake? Or real? Customers can’t decide from afar — but they don’t want to come close, either!


Music Men


How will this story will be retold, years from now? Perhaps American Pie will inspire the tale. One time, at band camp, everyone got together, and played everything from Jazz hour in the middle of Walmart. It was super fun!


With those boyish good looks, there’s no telling what kind of pocket change these teens are going to inspire. Right in the produce aisle, they know where to stand out. It’s time for some mom guilt, laid on nice and thick: When those heartstrings are pulled just right, coins jingle!


Baby Sale, Aisle 3


Surprise naps are a toddler trademark, especially post-lunch. After running off all that sugary energy, the crash is just a matter of time. Falling asleep anywhere and everywhere doesn’t discriminate by location, either. Check out this classic example, at Walmart!

Exhausted from mom’s shopping spree, this little darling fell asleep — right on the conveyor belt! If the cashier is entering her own afternoon food coma, there’s a good chance she will ring him up. What is the price of good shut eye, though? Impossible to answer, even with a scan!


Super Cool Dude


What is the purpose of the frozen meat section in Walmart if not to cool down after a long, hard day? This customer decided he needed a refreshing moment in the middle of his shopping spree. And who could blame him?

Deal days can get pretty intense down at Walmart. With so many options, it can become simply overwhelming to make the right decision. Anxiety might even kick in! The solution? It might be right under your nose, in the cold section. Let’s just hope for everyone’s sake that he didn’t sweat on the meat!


Hobo Sweet Home


There’s no doubt that a power nap during their day boosts energy. Especially if there was a carb heavy lunch! But right here, in the middle of the store, one guy seems to have made himself a little too comfortable. He’s gone full siesta, and there’s no turning back!


Maybe the wife dragged him to Walmart to help with all those bags, but he’s rebelling. Maybe he’s an independent man bored with the options in stock. Or maybe, he’s just homeless. Increasingly, Walmart does seem to be just the place to blend in, sit down, and zonk out. Futons are hard to resist!


Sleeping On The Job


It seems this handicapped lady’s boyfriend must have dragged her to go belt shopping and it was just so boring she fell right asleep!

After all, how long can you possible stare at belts for? They all look exactly the same to me!


Matching Camouflage


There are one of two possibilities looking at this picture. Either these two are United States army fans are preparing for their recruitment my watching King Kong or they are simply having a matching pajama sleepover and need a good move to keep them entertained!



Either way… No one should be seen in public in matching camouflage no matter the excuse.


Child Protest


Children are known to have temper tantrums in the most inconvenient of places, like Walmart for example!


This kid was clearly not impressed with the fact that his dad was getting yogurts instead of candy and he probably wanted to ride with his dad on the electric chair too! Either way, Walmart got a free floor sweep out of it.


Numbers Can Be Confusing


Okay so this may not be of a customer doing something wacky, but it HAD to make the list! The Walmart official purchaser is probably hitting himself in the head right now.

It is certainly not a practical joke and has to do with a serious flaw in production but let it be known if I saw this it would be the first things I’d buy!


Getaway Horse


We have to assume this Walmart store is located deep in the wild west, otherwise, there is no explanation for a horse and saddle to be taking up a parking space!



We are pretty sure his owner is some old school cowboy who just went to grab some ol’ beers before saddling off.


Barefoot And Dirty


There are some places in the world where it is totally acceptable to walk around barefoot- gardens, beaches, your own homes…and there are some places where you should NEVER bare your feet, and Walmart is at the top of the list!

Just think about all the diseases this poor guy may get from that disgusting floor!


Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun


Some hilarious kids took it upon themselves to lighten up the day of whoever visited Walmart that day.


I mean those googly eyes on the face of cover-girl Drew Barrymore are just priceless!


A Clear Paper Trail


Many people have the same, bone-chilling fear: One day, somewhere, toilet paper is going to be stuck right on the old shoe. The nightmare is uniting, in a way. But hopefully, it stays right where it is. Just a dark fantasy, and not a real emergency!


This poor guy is unfortunately living the dream. In real life, at a real Walmart, more than a a square of TP is stuck to his person. Somehow, a very long piece has found its way perfectly tucked into his bum. Yikes! Will he die of embarrassment? Maybe he will get lucky, and wander through Walmart’s famously stocked mirror aisle. With low prices, everyday!


Peace And Quiet


The two most popular things to do at Walmart seem to be showing off your pets, and falling asleep in ridiculous places.



This poor guy may have decided to come to Walmart for some shut-eye because it’s the only peace and quiet he has and certainly cheaper than a hotel!


Shopping “Chain”


This is certainly one way to keep your kids close, but it may not be teaching them the best life lesson…no one wants their kids to get used to being in cuffs after all!


Our best guess is that his mother just got fed up with her little one disappearing on her and decided to go to some extreme measures.


At Least They Aren’t Going Brrr-footed


These girls have traveled a long way from their igloos to get some quality cereal deal.



Given Walmart’s pet policy, they probably could’ve brought along some wolves and nobody would’ve been any wiser.


Spidey’s Financial Sense


We all know crime doesn’t pay off, and it seems fighting crime doesn’t either! Poor Spidey must be having a bit of a tough time financially, why else would he be at Walmart, outfit and all, searching out good deals.

Lucky for him, Walmart is a place where superheroes and super discounts meet. Wealth and fame he ignores, action is his reward!


Mullet Meets Flat Top


This guy seemed to have had quite the identity ruses when he visited the hairdresser… did he want a mullet? Did he want a flat top? He clearly couldn’t decide and opted for both, and he clearly regrets it because it looks beyond ridiculous!


At least he came to the right place where there are weirdos galore and no one can judge anyone. Can you find a place with more colorful customers than Walmart? I think not.


Shopping For A Groom


Another weird and wonderful site found between the isles of wacky Walmart! Either this woman decided to dress up as a bride to spice up her shopping day, or she is on the way to her wedding and decided she needed to stop off for some last-minute supplies.

Whatever her reasoning is, the beauty of Walmart is that no one will question it, and everyone can let their inner freak flag fly high.


Hocus Pocus


In Walmart, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to justify donning a scary costume.



This woman is clearly a pro at make-up and looks like they’ve channeled their inner Cindy Kou Who, that is if Cindy Lou became a total Satanist holding up a Christmas decoration it seems she just wants it to be Halloween AND Christmas time already.


There’s Literally A Net Right There


Walmart employed must have thick skin and a strong head to manage to deal with their awfully strange customers.


These poor fish must be in a living hell with little kids constantly tapping on their homes and men trying to re-catch them!


The Pirate’s Life For Me


Okay, so his theme is a little unclear with all that’s going on here…



I see robots I see parrots… But it’s still fun that he adorned his wheelchair to add some festivity to his and everyone else’s shopping sprees, that’s the spirit!


Mixing Business With Pleasure


I honestly can’t decide if this guy is crazy or a total genius. Clearly, Craigslist wasn’t working out for him, so he decided to walk around Walmart with a sign on his back advertising that he’s looking for a 2-bedroom apartment!

Sure, it’s unconventional, but with the number of people, he may bump into during his shop it may just work!


Heels AND A Walking Stick?


Business at the top and party on the bottom it seems is this guy’s motto. Its rather strange that he has a walking stick, yet he decides to wear heels.


Listen, we don’t judge anyone’s choice of clothes, but this is just plain contradictory!


It Looks Like Gimli’s Face


Walmart- the place of crazy hairstyles. Her hair reached her bum, but she clearly takes zero time for its upkeep.



We get that some people like the ungroomed look, but this is honestly just taking it too far!


Don’t Worry I Can Reach It Myself


Reaching the items at the top of the shelf is no problem for this girl who came super prepared.


Okay, so it’s probably not the most comfortable to walk around the aisles with those monster heels, but at least she can reach what she wants!


But How Does She Walk?


This is plain gross. It’s hard to even look! It’s a miracle to think this woman actually let her toenails grow this long.



But now that she has she clearly wants to flaunt it! If I were her I would go home and give myself a toenail clip ASAP.


I Think I’ll Use The Next Counter


They probably don’t get paid much so its no wonder the standards of the workers at Walmart aren’t the highest.


I mean, how would you like the guy who touches literally every single thing you buy to be sticking his hands far down his pants moments before?


Rapunzel Has Fallen On Hard Times


What is it with weird women and their long hair at Walmart?


This seems to be another Rapunzel culprit. She looks like she has a lifetime of elastics in her long-ass ponytail.


How To Drive In A High Occupancy Lane


Don’t be fooled, the weirdness of Walmart doesn’t stop at the borders of the store but extends to the parking lot!


This car at the entrance of the star casually has its backseat filled with haunting dolls. Quite unsettling to say the least.


Drinking On The Job


Who says clowns are funny? In my experience, they are plain terrifying like this scary dude walking around Walmart in this terrifying clown getup.


We hope its Halloween but honestly judging by Walmart’s clientele it could easily be just a regular day.


She’s Quite The Doll He Said


Just wow. This may take the cake for the weirdest sites. I mean how many places can you bring your adult doll with you for a shopping spree!


You have to wonder how this poor kid was raised and if he is forced to call the doll ‘mommy’. Did we take it too far?


Do As I Say Not As I Do


This dad is clearly incredibly committed to teaching his girls lessons of modesty it seems.


He has used the universal dad power of embarrassment to get across to his daughters just how un-cute short shorts really are.


I Couldn’t Find My Belt


I’m sorry but how on earth do you not realize you are warning your underwear over your pants?



I absolutely refuse to believe that this woman made a fashion mistake. She is probably trying to make some weird fashion statement. Actually, Superman too wears his underwear on top…


Sure You Didn’t Do It


Everything about this guy is stranger than strange, from his hair (head and facial) dyed a weird pink, to his indoor sunglasses, to his ripped shirt.


You did do it, my man, take responsibility for your strangeness.


The Joker Returns


You know when you look in your closet and are just at a loss of what to wear? That probably happened to this guy so naturally, he decided to re-use last year’s Halloween costume of the joker as he follows his mom around the store.


Based on his hunched shoulders and defeated stance we are guessing that he isn’t all too happy to be following mom still at his age.


Foxin’ Around


Seems this guy doesn’t know that Furry activities stay in the privacy of your home, this half man half fox seems to be channeling his inner animal.



He’s buying raw meat for who knows what reason…our guess is that he’ll probably chow it down before he even gets home to cook it!


Lizard Accessories


You guessed it! Another weird creature spotted at Walmart! This time it’s a pet lizard who is casually chilling on this girl’s head.


Could it be a kind of fashion statement! I mean it does kind of accentuate her skin tone and look great in photos.


All Aboard!


All aboard the Walmart train! Only in Walmart can you see shopping groups specially designed to help people not get lost and help them remain as lazy as possible.


The super cheap prices are also known to make customers faint of heart, so this is for sure a necessary service.


Mom Gets Pampered


Talk about role reversal. This mom for sure deserves some time off and a rest She has been wiping his behind, changing his diaper and doing the a-z tasks that every mom has done since the beginning of time.



We applaud this little boy for recognizing his mother’s hard work and quite literally learning to pull the weight.


Fashion Forward


Not everyone can afford new trends and customized items. So, this woman decided to turn her cheap shoes into a brand all by herself! We applaud the creativity!


Printing the actual Ugg logo might have been a tiny bit more convincing than her messy handwritten scrawl on a torn piece of paper but at least she tries.


Bad Mom


Rule number one of parenting is: do NOT let your child put a plastic packet around her head!



This mother seems to be seriously lacking in mom knowledge as she lets her little kid roam around Walmart on the brink of suffocation. We hope someone reports her!


More Accessorize Please!


These two probably bonded over their love of accessorizing. I mean have you ever seen a couple more covered from head to toe in weird and wonderful jewelry?


Our guess is that they came to Walmart only to increase their collection!


Nice Dress


Cross-dressing is totally valid, and this guy seems to be owning his love of girl’s clothes with this pretty pink dress and cute pumps.

But we have to admit combined with his long white beard it does make for quite a hilarious site!


Boxing In


Another woman that seems to have forgotten to get dressed for her shopping trip…or lost her clothes somehow as she strolled through the isles of Walmart.

Luckily for her, there seemed to be a giant box handy to cover her up!


Where Did My Pants Go?


This woman seems to have forgotten that pants are usually a requirement for being out in public.


But she doesn’t even look one bit disturbed and is happily doing her shopping pant free and all!


American Dream


This woman is certainly embodying the spirit of America in one of Americas most well-known stores.

This woman is certainly embodying the spirit of America in one of Americas most well-known stores.


Pull Them Up


Someone needs to tell this poor woman to pull up her pants! It’s honestly just an awkward sight for anyone who passes her.

No one wants to see a butt crack while they are innocently doing their weekly shopping.


Escape From Hospital


It looks like this guy got sick and tired of being in his hospital bed and decided he needed to breathe some sweet sweet Walmart air.

He seems to be happily strolling through the aisles enjoying his freedom, drip and all.


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