“At that time, I was a single woman. I thought I would never marry another husband after six divorces.”

The destined bus stop and love at first sight

However, that destined day, Evita Cleverly met a man who was waiting for a bus to the mall in Milton Keynes. She approached him and asked him about the arrival time, the fare and help him find the mall.

Evita Cleverly was staying in South Africa.

She happily recounted that seeing that he seemed pleasant, she shoved her phone number into his hand. At that time, she did feel a little embarrassed.

Roy contacted and invited Evita to dinner afterward. He also sang for her the song “Love Letter in the Sand” by Pat Boone.

When Evita had to return to South Africa, Roy said he wanted her to come back to the UK with him and would take care of all the formalities.

Evita Cleverly and Roy – her 7th spouse.

And they got married

After handling the legal proceedings, Evita returned to the UK and the two got married in 2012. The children happily congratulated her when she met a good man.

Evita was surprised when Roy proposed. She panicked and pulled my hand away from him and asked him if he was serious. In the end, She agreed to her own astonishment, Evita shared.

The 78-year-old lady never thought this could happen to her. She feels happy and lucky to meet a kind gentleman like Mr. Roy.

Bits and Pieces of Evita’s True Life Story

She also added that she did not want to name or speak ill of any of her six previous husbands, because when they parted, both sides were at fault. Evita even complimented her six ex-husbands for being wonderful.

Her experiences in seven marriages were recorded in her memoir called Bits and Pieces of Evita’s True Life Story, published in July 2020.

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