Sajitha was reported to leave home in Ayalur village, Palakkad city, India in 2010 when was only 18 years old.

After over a decade, when her family seemed to give up finding Sajitha, she was found in a nearby…boyfriend’s house.

Missing Woman Found In Nearby…Boyfriend’s House

This woman was reported to go missing 11 years ago. Her family also went to search for her. They thought she went somewhere very far. However, it turned out that she hid and lived in the room of his boyfriend’s house which is only 500 meters away from her house.

This woman was reported to be missing

As reported by Indian Express, Rahman – the boyfriend of Sajitha lived with his mother in his house. However, his mother even didn’t know that there was a girl hiding in the room of her son. Rahman always locked his bedroom.

Sajitha used the small TV to entertain and wore headphones so that others cannot hear the TV sound.

The couple lives together in secret

Recently, Rahman’s family is trying to find a bride for him. His elder brother, Basheer, realized that Rahman was hiding something. Rahman would become violent when someone tried to enter his bedroom. He even brought food into his room to eat. During the daytime, Rahman and Sajitha can get out of the room and move inside the house when others go out for work.

Three months ago, Rahman conflicted with his family and left the house with his girlfriend. They moved to another village and planned for a new life together. However, Rahman’s family reported about his missing, and Basheer met the couple by accident. Then, the truth about Sajitha’s missing was also unveiled.

They were accepted to live together finally.

According to a policeman in Nenmara police station, Sajitha and Rahman kept their relationship secret because they have different religions. Then, they took the couple back to their village. All villagers believed that Sajitha wouldn’t come back and she might have moved to Tamil Nadu with someone.

After the incident, Sajitha and Rahman went to a local court and offered to live together. Their offer was accepted.

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