A Kariba married woman escaped death by a whisker after she was attacked by a wounded buffalo on Monday afternoon.

Kerry Murimbika suffered injuries on her left thigh where the buffalo horn pierced through to the other side.

Her husband, Silvester Mushaiki said his investigation had led to information that she was in the company of a boyfriend when the attack happened.

“Through my own investigations I found out that she was in the company of a boyfriend thus I proceeded to his house with the hospital prescription and the alleged boyfriend was just trembling without any word,” said Mushaiki.

The boyfriend (name supplied) could not be reached for comment, H-Metro reports.

Kariba District Medical Officer, Dr Godwin Muza confirmed that there was a female patient who was admitted to the hospital after a buffalo gored her.

Some eyewitnesses who preferred to remain anonymous also told the publication that Murimbika had left home so that she could have quality time with her boyfriend.

The source said the woman had taken advantage of her husband who had gone to work.

“Two men called for the ambulance before they disappeared on the scene when the ambulance arrived. It is believed that one of the men was the woman’s boyfriend,” said the source.

When asked what had transpired, she told people that she had left home in search of manure and the buffalo came from nowhere until she could be rescued by a good Samaritan

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