Well-known comedian Felistus Nya-uyu Ngwira who is also President of Vilekeke Kingdom is contemplating of having an audience with President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera after receiving a test of the forthcoming SADC Summit to be held in the capital Lilongwe.

On Monday, many Malawians received a message inviting them to join the President in showcasing the warm heart of Africa to visitors who will be attending the SADC Summit set for August.

Many people after receiving the message took to the social media to condemn Chakwera’s media team for spending money on useless texts.

Others even went further by saying the money spent on the message could have been used Oxygen Cylinders to help patients affected by COVID-19 in various public hospitals.

Nya-Uyu Ngwira jokingly said: “The way I thought this invitation was for me to meet the President kweni chalo ichi .

“Anyways I will let this slide and patiently wait for an invitation from Dr Lazarus Chakwera so we discuss how Malawi and Vilekkeke Kingdom can work together;It’s about time mweee

“Osalowererapo izi ndizama president tokhatokha.”

Meanwhile reports indicate that country will spend over MK50 million on decollation.

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