A French man has reportedly married himself after having 17 failed relationships, news sites claim.

A popular group on Facebook called Silent Art uploaded a picture of the alleged man in France happily clad in a wedding gown as he got hitched to himself.

The group also accompanied the image with a caption,

 “French Antoine Chauval decided to marry himself after 17 failed love relationships.”

This photo went viral across Facebook.

Antoine Chauval’s wedding gown was jaw-dropping as it features both women’s and men’s wedding outfits sewn altogether into one piece. Looks like it has been made by an experienced tailor as it perfectly fitted him.

The reported man made up his mind after engaging in 17 relationships which all failed miserably.

Internet users quickly drew their sentiments out as they laughed at his blizzard decision.

Reportedly, a unique wedding outfit was tailored for the main character.


Meanwhile, another one added, “He looks better as a woman.”

This was not the first time we saw this unusual development. A man also married himself in a luxury ceremony after the fiancé chickened out the very last moment.

Diogo Rabelo and Vitor Bueno got engaged in November 2019. However, Vitor decided to break up with Diogo in July the following year.

Diogo Rabelo married himself after his fiance’s refusal.

Instead of canceling the wedding, he just got married to himself and had his big day with 40 close relatives attending the lavish bash.

If there was anything that was missing in that very ceremony, it was the “bride”. Nevertheless, Diogo still plucked the courage up and left all the worries behind and celebrated his day to the fullest.

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