Former Kenya’s Makerere University lecturer/Researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi is a woman of all seasons.

When the controversial academia undressed her self back in 2016 in a protest intended to reclaim her office after Prof Mahmood Mamdani had locked her out of the institute, that was the day a few analysts knew that the country was braced for many comical stunts from the sex obsessed activist.

From that day at Makerere University, Stella Nyanzi has since stage managed a number of unthinkable protests many leading to her imprisonment & personal clash with the police.

Recently the motor mouthed activist moved out of the country and went to Germany for a vacation for a well deserved.

Nyanzi’s decision to go for a vacation in Germany came after she was terribly defeated in the just concluded parliamentary elections where she lost to National Unity platforms’s Shamim Malende.

In that particular election she came out third.

Being the bonk purist she claims to be, the chubby researcher has already hooked up with a number of massage therapists in the West power house of Europe.

Perhaps feeling the urge to have her body squeezed and aligned back to normal through a classic massage, Stella hooked up with a 70 year old massage therapist to do the job on her amazing body.

In a picture shared on her Facebook page, Stella Nyanzi can be seen lying down on a bed as a seemingly relaxed old man touches and massages her big thighs.

On seeing the interesting pictures posted on her page, curious followers were quick to ask the stubborn doctor.

”where exactly is the old man’s left hand/fingers/nails….I can’t see them?” Nyanzi then answered ”on the muscle that hurts”

Another curious fan commented ”The guy is really doing alternative treatment the hands are going deeper and deeper to a more sensitive area” Still Nyanzi had an answer and replied ”deeper and deeper into the Qi energy spots”


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