A prank video involving a father-in-law, his daughter and her husband has sent social media into a mixed frenzy.

In the Instagram video shared by @pulsenigeria247, the man switched roles on a chair with his daughter who wore a wedding gown.

Pretending to be the daughter, the man stretched out a leg with the blindfolded husband required to take the stockings off the leg with his mouth.

The unsuspecting man completed the task only to find out that it was the wrong person. The father-in-law and daughter as well as other guests burst into laughter at the stunt that was pulled.

Below are some of the reaction by people on social media.

@sola_ogunbiyi wrote: “You can’t do nothing. You’ve married the babe. Just brace yourself for family retreats or picnics or the next game . Till death or divorce do you part.”

@hairbybedazzled said: “I hope this man will find it in his heart to forgive this.”

@davizioniist commented: “I’m collecting the bride price.”

@amazingblessings remarked: “I will just pass out from there.”

@millie_milkyway staed: “Definitely not a Nigerian Father in-law.”

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