Semi-naked photos of South African based Malawian musician-cum-model Zani Challe have attracted mixed reactions on the social media with many criticizing her.

‘Single Tonight’ hit-maker posted two photos showing her just putting on an underway and a bra while lying on bed.

The photos had this caption: ‘Outfit of the day or outfit for the bae #oneinamillion’.

Many Malawians especially those on social media after seeing the photos started criticizing her claiming that the photos were not meant for public consumption.

One of the concerned citizen identified as Victør Wände wrote: “Females: Ehhhh, they treat us like the only thing we have to offer is our body, ehhh respect us, women are the pillars on which the world is built,ehhhhh men only see the sensual part of us and nothing else, ma hash tag mbwe.”

“Also females on social media.”

Concurring with Wande’s remarks Rikjayz wrote: “Respect yourself and other will follow suit. Most people will not treat you any better than you treat yourself.”

Below are the photos;

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