A landlord has in Zambia been sued in the Solwezi magistrate court for sexual harassment after demanding for s*x from his beautiful and we’ll shaped tenant. The woman in question is married and her husband works outside Solwezi. She got married 5 months ago.

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The landlord who did not just end at admiring the young and beautiful tenant upgraded his heart desires by softly refusing to get rentals (K3,000) from his tenant for three months before demanding for his tenant’s forbidden fruit in exchange for the three months rentals.

However the landlord’s plans hit a hard rock as the married tenant (a nurse) who was recently deployed in the area could not afford to disappoint her copperbelt based hubby.

The woman refused to sleep with him but the man then attempted to rape her. She shouted for help and the landlord runaway.

Thinking the tenant was just dealy darling and would eventually give in, the landlord got the shock of his life when he received court summons on Friday afternoon indicating that he had been sued for sexual harassment by his female tenant.

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