As The Sun reported, 2 police officers in Mexico were caught fooling around right in a police car, wearing police uniforms and badges.

The two were so involved in their things that they forgot there was someone recording the whole of what was happening.

The incident is believed to take place near a dump site located in the city of Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico. In the footage that was recorded by the witness, a police car was parking in a quite abandoned place, adjacent to a landfill.

When advancing to the spot, the woman who was recording could hear very clearly the sensitive rushes and shouts inside the car.

When directing her camera through the car’s door, the woman was speechless finding 2 police officers, one male and one female, were on each other. The two lied on the rear seats with the female police getting naked down from her belly.

She’s lying on another policeman whose clothes were off too. Both were wearing police uniforms and to make it more pleasurable, they were even handcuffed together.

The witness who recorded this disturbing clip told that she was there for a very long time but the two still didn’t know about her presence for they were too into their play.

Right after the clip was floating on the internet, it received mass recognition and authorities joined in investigating the case. Later on, the Ecatepec de Morelos police station announced that the two police officers above had seriously committed to going against “professional ethics and disciplinary board”. Consequently, they were both sacked.

In 2020, 2 other Mexican police officers were also sacked for doing the same thing in the watch room of a hospital and recorded by security cameras.

Also in 2020, a Mexican female police officer was caught red-handedly when fooling around with another male officer in the restroom of a police station.

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