In Ghana, disabled persons are not allocated their spaces during road construction for easy accessibility and it is due to this that these two disabled persons have devised an experienced way of getting home quickly.

In a video we have in our possession, these two persons were seen holding on to a commercial vehicle on the highway as they feel the speed from the car will propel them to get to their destination, supposedly their homes faster.

The video, after going viral has garnered some reactions from social media users who think the government should do its best to help these persons and avoid this dangerous act on the roads.

Watch the video below;


Check out some comments from Ghanaians below;

@JnrAnati – So is it d car that’s pulling them or wat?

@_benzene – Ghana has accessibility issues…

@IzzatElKhawaja – What we can do is just watch. We cannot laugh just enjoy the ride while it last

@TeamCaccess – Ghana make hot so dem dey use demma brains

@ebowbarton – Eeii this is so dangerous

@BillsFiore – At ones break go be deadly oo




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