Dogs are usually kept as pets in many households. Nevertheless, among some communities like the Vame in Cameroon and various states in Nigeria, dog meat is fair game for eating. In the Ondo State, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Plateau, Kalaba, Taraba and Gombe of Nigeria, dog meat is believed to have medicinal powers and its demand is very high.


One of the several ethnic tribes in Ghana known for eating dog is the Frafra people.

The Frafra or Gur tribe inhabit the north-east region of Ghana and southern Burkina Faso.

The Frafra and Dagaaba, another tribe in Ghana participate in tribal games that involve consuming dog meat. The winner takes home a dog head as the trophy.

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Goma tribe are from the Democratic Republic of Congo and reside in the North-Kivu province.

The Goma people of the DRC have been forced to eat dog meat due to the high costs of food. The North and South Kivu area have long been entrenched in civil wars due to the control of resources.

The Goma once regarded dog meat as a taboo and abhorred the thought of consuming it.


Eating canine meat in Uganda may not seem to be a choice.

Nonetheless, some are consuming the meat unknowingly.


The Ovandonga people, located in the Oshikoto region of Namibia have no qualms about consuming dog meat.

It is said that there are a variety of dogs reared in certain parts of the southwestern African country for various purposes.


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