A video that is fast spreading on the Internet has a class of Ghanaian nurses taking serious lessons on how to Practice D_0ggy style in bed.

During a class period in one unidentified school, the video reveals a set of nurses being taught how to bend and position their bums to make the doggy style more pleasurable and effortless during sexual activity with their partners.

We can’t establish if this is part of the nursing curriculum that they have to acquire the knowledge about and impact in others out there or they are simply just teaching each other how to serve their partners hot.

Oftentimes, Nurses are considered by many as bad girls when it comes to love affairs and as a result, some guys do not even want to have a serious relationship with them, however, their bedroom skills are second to none according to netizens who tasted few.

The video has just Explained why they have that bedroom skills as said by many.

Watch the Below Video (Viewers discretion is advised):



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