In a tragic development,  17 wedding guests were struck and killed by lightning in Bangladesh.

Fortunately, the bride was not with the guests when the incident occurred on Wednesday last week. The groom was, however, part of the 15 other people that got injured when the lightning struck.

The groom and the wedding guests were reportedly travelling by boat heading towards the bride’s house when they were caught in a thunderstorm. The heavy rains forced the boat to make an emergency landing at the bank of Padma river in Shibganj, Bangladesh.

 However, bolts of lightning struck the passengers as they were disembarking from the boat to take shelter from the rain, The Mirror reports.

Bangladesh is prone to lightning and it is considered a natural disaster. This is not the first time lightning has caused such a massive disaster. In 2016, 82 people died in a single day after they were struck by lightning.

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