Anyone who takes a fair share of interest in the digital money market is acquainted with the name of cryptocurrency today. We understand that many of us know many things about cryptocurrency, and many of us don’t. However, when a beginner wants to gain a certain degree of knowledge about cryptocurrency, it is essential to start with current affairs. In this blog, we will take a look at where cryptocurrency stands today. Furthermore, this blog will also go on to tell you about the things that you require to know if you are a Bitcoin enthusiast. Without Much Ado, we will straight away begin.

Some key points to drive home:

To begin with, we will take a look at the few basic points that any beginner is supposed to keep in mind when they are trying to analyse the current situation that Bitcoin is going through. While it may seem complicated to many, we will break it down to you in a manner that it doesn’t seem difficult at all. For further details, have a look at

  • To begin with, let us remember that Bitcoin as well as the different variants of cryptocurrencies together are emblematic of applause that is particularly familiar with experiencing brilliant returns with respect to the last 10 years.
  • The next thing which one should ideally remember is that we are living in the times of pandemic, and Bitcoin is constantly strengthening, however the scholars often have a question in their heads which is will this strength last a long time?
  • Another important point that once cannot deny is that there has been a substantial amount of academic, pedagogic interest that a person associated with Bitcoin in the economic market today.

Three things that we need to know:

In this section of the article, we will inform you of the things that we consider necessary to inform you about when we are dealing with cryptocurrencies. In fact, we are presenting to you the points that we consider important, and relevant given the state that Bitcoin is in today.

Institutional investors: let us not forget that while people individually take a lot of interest in Bitcoin, and which is something we perfectly understand, it is mostly the institutional investors who significantly show a rise in making profits. In fact, owing to this, there are several projects in the pipeline which are constantly giving crypto a boost.

Stablecoins And their functionality: One cannot possibly deny the significance of stablecoins, and how the value attached to the same has made a significant amount of difference in the market of digital economy. Table coins such as Tether are substantially backed up by dollars, and Euros Simply because of the immense value that it has in comparison to many other forms of crypto.

Volatility Today: We have been talking about living in the pandemic times since the beginning of the article. The relevance of the parliament is that, as much as the pandemic has Caused for a rise in the value, it has also made investors experience a certain degree of fall at many points. This volatility is always associated with Bitcoin, thereby making scholars raise their eyebrows, and suspecting the sustainability of this method on this large scale in the days to come.


One must not forget that one of the most relevant topics that everyone is talking about today is cryptocurrencies. It is considered that if one knows how to make profits out of the cryptocurrency market, that person knows the key to trade and happiness. However, it is our duty to tell you that cryptocurrency has to be dealt with extremely carefully. We hope that you will be particularly aware of the fraudulent cases, of the security threats that often goes unnoticed in the initial days, and make your decisions on the basis of your study. We sincerely hope the best for your future endeavours, all the best!



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