After so many days and months of forgetting about the drama which happened to the mother and father of the imaginary 10 babies, now the fatter is coming to the public platforms to raise another story of which the public never knew of and these stories are being raised by Piet Once again which frustrate South Africans.

After Piet failed to provide evidence on the last story, he didn’t even attempt to go to the public platforms and apologize but continued as nothing happened.

That’s exactly one of the reasons why South Africans are frustrated: he has never returned to them once again and said the story was wrong.

This is one of the stories which trended the most in South Africa this year as it was breaking record, Unfortunately, it was not true news which was being released.

The journalist decided to publish news without even verifying facts at first of which were Surrounding that particular Story. A very key and important story indeed.

On the story of the 10 babies, I think Piet still has time to can to the public and ask for forgiveness.

South Africans are not that hard, they can still find a space in their heart to forgive him over all these stories, I think it’s an important story to him and everyone surrounding him at this point and time. Very key indeed.

Now it’s being reported on the Social media platforms that before the claim of the 10 babies, the mother had 3 babies and 2 of which were born at Steve Biko hospital.

Although due to what happened in the previous story, many South Africans still find it difficult to believe then.

The father is complaining to have seen the children in pictures and has never seen the reality of them.

I think people should understand that we all make mistakes at all Material times and we must find it in our hearts to forgive each other always for progress.

Now on this story, I think they deserve to be given an eye so that things can move accordingly. Very key and important


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