In Uganda, a Toroma County Member of Parliament, Andrew Joseph Koluo on Friday night took a walk of shame after he accidentally shared nude photos of his side chic in a WhatsApp group believed to that of Ugandan Parliament.

It is believed that the Teso legislator was arousing himself from the nude photos in his phone gallery before the excitement took toll on him and he accidentally posted the photos on a prominent political WhatsApp group in Teso.

The ‘organic’ photo is said to have been sent to the MP by his sidechick to prepare him physically and emotionally for the game ahead.

In the posted photos, the lady who is in her mid 20s posed with her entire nakedness for the MP to have a clear view of where his money goes.

The nude photo that MP Koluo posted on whatsapp group
The nude photo that MP Koluo posted on WhatsApp group.

Members of the Group were left in shock wondering why the legislator had decided to table ‘a private members’ on the Whatsapp group.

“Is this what our MPs do while at Parliament?” one WhatsApp member asked.

“So you mean it’s a member of parliament who posts such in a group?” another member asked.

Ladies were very furious with the MP calling him to “respect women.”

The act left the MP totally embarrassed to the extent that he turned shame into angry and started threatening those who are sharing screenshots of his ugly post.

“My account was hacked yesterday and someone posted nude pictures and not me.I have reported the matter to the relevant authorities and should you continue forwarding the same you do it at your own peril. Thanks,” Koluo posted this morning before deleting his shameful photos.

This is not the first time Teso MP has Accidentally shared nude photos on social media.

In 2018, Ngora County MP David Abala made his first contribution after his election by posting a nude photo of a sexy babe on a new source WhatsApp group called ‘LIVE CHAT NEWS Feed.’

Abala was also quick to blame “somebody” for sharing the photos.

“Friends I left my fone [phone in a friend’s car] and we were many I don’t know who has done this silly thing. Sorry really. We were travelling to Mbale,” he said.

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