A Ghanaian actress, Keila Treyy, has made it known during an interview she had with Arnold Elavanyo Mensah, a media personality, that she has been able to save some money by dating married men.

The Ghanaian actress, who is also known as Bosschick, agreed that she’s been making money from dating married men.

Arnold asked her how women like her feel when they are going after another woman’s husband.

She said that she doesn’t feel guilty about it because someday another woman will do it to her when she eventually gets married.

7e98f733e3b146c59d9041d5339b7474?quality=uhq&resize=720According to her, she didn’t care if their wives were hurt because their husbands were the ones who came to meet her, not that she went to meet them.

She said that she understands that when she gets married, other single women will also date her husband, since men are not content with just one woman.

f218fa02b5084c1086bef6c6a09fd71e?quality=uhq&resize=720She said that she was able to save some money by dating married men, and she would use the money to build an orphanage home and a church.

She said: I don’t believe in the church, I only believe in God. She also said people would be insulting her because they are jealous and wish they had the opportunity that she had.

8a32307374e24238bad618fd56b9dd62?quality=uhq&resize=720A lot of marriages are going through difficult times and some have broken up because of cases associated with infidelity. Who do we blame for this?

Can we say married men are mostly responsible for this? Or can we say that the fault is with single ladies who date married men for money?

But the truth is, if single ladies can stop dating married men, the cases of infidelity in marriage will be reduced to a reasonable extent.

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