A Ugandan court has slapped a six-year jail term on a South Sudan national who made a name for ‘swimming in dollars’ and boasting about his riches in interviews with the Kenyan media.

Lawrence Lual Malong Yor was alongside two others handed the sentence by the High Court Anti-Corruption Division in Kampala.

He was found guilty of obtaining $1 million via false pretenses.

He was also charged alongside Mike Lota, a Congolese national, and Gavana Zhikusoka of defrauding an Ethiopian national.

It is reported that Malong had passed off to gold dealers as a son of a general in South Sudan during his dealings with the businessmen. He also claimed to be ‘connected’ to Uganda President Yoweri Museveni.

In his prime, Malong, a businessman and socialite uploaded several photos and videos of himself ‘swimming’ in United States Dollars on Facebook before later appearing on the Jeff Koinange Live talk show on Citizen TV where he flossed about his wealth.

Here is a excerpt from the interview:

Jeff Koinange: “But that was you swimming in the money, right?

Malong Jr: Yes that’s me.

Jeff Koinange: You did that deliberately right?

Malong Jr: I always do that because as you know I am very rich man, as you can see (pointing at his shoes) I’m wearing Jimmi Choos, how much do they cost? You know yourself $10,000. You know the same Rolex you are wearing it, it is $100,000.

Jeff Koinange: So you are a wealthy man in your own way.

Malong Jr: Yes, and I mentioned in my video that I got my wealth from my Lord Jesus Christ.

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