A Ghanaian man who is now Mrs Schmith has been hitched in gay marriage in Germany after walking down the aisle with his German husband at an exclusive wedding.

Videos on social media suggest that Ghanaian is the ‘woman’ in the relationship whiles the German is the man. The Ghanaian seems to be the ‘woman’ as he was dressed in a long veil during the photo shoot after the necessary rituals to cement their marriage was performed

The videos see the couple happy about their moment of joy which they shared with their families who could also not hide their joy about the marriage.

In most parts of the Western World, same-sex marriage has been legalized and LGBTQI+ activities are allowed.

But that cannot be said about Ghana as some Parliamentarians have also moved to ensure that LGBTQI+ activities are made illegal in the country.

They argue that it contravenes Ghana’s societal and cultural norms and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

The Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram constituency, Sam George, who led the MPs to make the presentation, said it “is landmark legislation that has taken the last 14 weeks working with a fantastic team of professionals to put together. It is in my humble opinion a world-class piece of legislation which should be reference material for other Parliaments seeking to pass similar legislation.”

To Sam George attacks on him on social media will not stop him from fighting evil.

“I have seen the attacks from a few goons aligned to a political inclination based on my leadership on the PMB against LGBTQI+ in Ghana. Bow your heads in shame. Nothing would stand in our way to get this Bill passed by the House. Take your perversion and let me speak my truth!”

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