Ghanaians actor, Van Vicker, has joined the many Ghanaians who have gone into Archie bonkers after the video of the Rev Father kissing female students drops.

On Monday, a video that captures an Anglican Church Reverend Father kissing some female students of St Monica’s College Of Education in the Asante-Mampong Diocese went viral on the internet.

The Reverend Father was seen removing his face mask and planting his mouth on each of the girl’s mouth in kiss right inside the church.

As he kissed each of the student, other female students in the church erupted in shout of joy and cheered him on.

The third girl, who had her face mask on was a bit reluctant to kiss the priest, but he ordered her to remove her face mask and for fear, she removed, as the priest planted his mouth on hers for the longest kiss of the day.

Reacting to the video, Actor Van Vicker, who is obviously disgusted by the act, took to his Instagram page to slam the Reverend Father, describing the act as ‘repulsive.’

“I cannot comprehend this; an Anglican Rev. Father kissing students in front of a congregation. I wonder what THE MESSAGE was to warrant the KISS,” he captioned the video.

He pointed out that the third student who received a kiss in the video was ‘distressing’ but had no option than to receive the kiss.

“The third STUDENT was distressing but he forcefully proceeded. REPULSIVE IN MY OPINION,” he added.

See his post below :


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